Why do I need surge protection?

AC (alternating current) surges are not caused by lightning only. Utility work, adverse weather conditions, or even something as simple as electric motor activity within a building (air conditioners, elevators, copiers, printers and refrigerators, for instance) can cause power fluctuations. Surge protectors extend the lifetime of sensitive electronic equipment by protecting it against harmful power surges and overvoltage problems. TESCO’s surge protectors add the advantage of buffering electronic equipment from everyday fluctuations. This is critical, as “invisible” power disturbances have a cumulative effect, and can lead to premature failure of all or part of an unprotected electronic system. The the clean, “computer grade” power conditioned by your TESCO surge protector, you can get optimum performance and reliability from your equipment, as well as overall extended equipment life.

How does transient voltage enter a home?

Transient voltage can enter you a home through the main power, telephone and television service entrances. In addition, transient voltage can also enter a home through: electric fences, electronic dog fences, electric driveway gates and intercoms, closed circuit video systems, air conditioners, any antennas mounted on a home, pool pumps/filters, outdoor speakers, etc. Any electronic equipment that is wired to a home’s main electrical panel is a potential avenue for transient voltage to enter or exit.

If I have a whole house surge arrester, am I fully protected?

While a home surge arrester like the TES 240 MSA is an extremely effective tool to protect a home from transient voltage, Tesco highly recommends using “point of use” surge protectors inside a home to further protect electrical equipment from the damaging effects of transient voltage. As mentioned above, transient voltage can enter a home a multitude of ways, so if by chance the transient voltage enters from a point other than the main service entrance, using point of use surge protectors will give you peace of mind that you are protecting your electrical equipment to the best of your ability. The TES 1P & TES 4P Series are a great way to provide additional protection.

Is the TESCO Limited Liability Product Warranty like an insurance policy?

No, the TESCO Limited Liability Product Warranty is not an insurance policy. If certain conditions are met, and the damaged equipment is on the List of Covered Items, then the warranty will be valid. Please read the full body of the warranty before making the assumption that a piece of equipment will be covered.

Is the TESCO Limited Liability Product Warranty a lifetime warranty?

No, the warranty is in effect for ten (10) years from the original factory ship date of the surge protector or the first date the surge protector is first installed for any customer within one year from the original factory ship date and the customer is also the person responsible for payment of the service. The First Installation Date of each system should be documented, but if not available it will be determined by TESCO in its reasonable discretion.